The journey to reach the community began with a thought and a heart connected to cars. Strictly Vettes of Memphis was founded by Maurice Woodard in Aug 2008, and within the most strongest endeavor, it became a image of giving, sharing, and building the community one community at a time. Maurice Woodard who majored in Music in college somehow never knew that his creative ingeniousness would touch lives throughout the Memphis area, but even greatly throughout the nation. Having developed a plan to unify cars and charity, Strictly Vettes of Memphis is all about cars and giving. Cars that move and mentor to young people who desperately need a re-evaluation of the representation of wealth. Making a decision to devote their cars to charity, Strictly Vettes of Memphis is echoing the sound that drug dealing, gang banging, and criminal behavior is not the way to gain the most out of life, but hard work and education can get you the image you deserve. By donating technology equipment to Georgian Hills Elem. their adopted school, Strictly Vettes has facilitated their time and resources to transfer vibrancy and victory to the community. Through turkey giveaways for Thanksgiving each year, and toy giveaways to low income children in impoverished communities, to their Beat the Heat Fan Drive for the elderly in the summer, Strictly Vettes also spend time with ill children at St.Jude Ronald McDonald House, where we've had cook outs and car shows for the children to judge. Strictly Vettes also partners with community efforts with the Memphis Mid-South Food Bank feeding hundreds with the donations the club gives during the year. By delivering food to the Homeless through the Memphis Union Mission, Strictly Vettes has enjoyed promoting a strong unselfish concern for the welfare of others.
Strictly Vettes hope to leave a legacy for upcoming car clubs to follow. Strictly Vettes formula for success is to combine cars and strong character and share resources and reach out to corvette and non-corvette car clubs and exchange ideas,and explore what other other clubs has to offer. Echoing a new voice to cars the team of Strictly Vettes has touched every aspect of the hurting conditions of a community reaching out for help We believe that a community is only as good as the people serving it, and we want to do our part to make Memphis a better place economically and socially for the children who live in Memphis, knowledge is the key to empower us all to serve on a higher level than expected and we expect great & excellent results from our labor,We can,t save the world but we can surely do our part and try..
Filled with community activities, their club is unified through cook outs, community engagements, and advocacy. Bringing self confidence, self awareness to young boys & girls and promoting Good Health within the African American community, Strictly Vettes shares a brilliant magnitude of enrichment by taking the America's favorite car and endeavoring it to become a combination of change and recognition to charity. By creating strong partnerships with other Corvette & Non Corvette Clubs and Corporate leaders , and community organizations, Strictly Vettes has touched thousands of lives, and aim to open doors that redefine the representation of car clubs everywhere.Strictly Vettes is now an Award Winning Corvette Club with Maurice Woodard the President winning the “2012 Man of the Year Award” / Strictly Vettes involvement with St.Jude Ronald McDonald House warranted the “2012 Volunteers Award” and the “2013 Spirit of Giving Award was given in April”. June 29,2013 Strictly Vettes partner with Mid-South Camaro Club and was awarded a Proclamation from the City of Memphis for all the work Strictly Vettes has done in the Memphis Community. Involved, engaged, and determined, this club has captured the true essence of leadership behind the wheel. Strictly Vettes has established a lane of its very own and branded a lifestyle of leadership through Corvettes.
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ACTS 20:35
In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive

Mission Statement......Is to always show a positive image from a corvette club that cares about the Memphis Community and give our time and resources to the less fortunate. We are changing our community one neighborhood at a time.

Our Club Objectives.....Is to bring together people interested in Corvettes, to promote social activities, to collect and disseminate technical and mechanical information to benefit all Corvette drivers and encourage friendship with other corvette clubs on the local and national level.

What Strictly Vettes Offer.....We are a family oriented corvette club and believe family should be involved in all our activities. We offer a wide range of social activities, including Family Night Out, Ride Outs, Restaurant Socializing, Holiday Parties, Weekend Getaways, Picnics, Motorsport Events and the Strictly Vettes ladies have their own "Annual All ladies Retreat" out of town.Strictly Vettes of Memphis offers much much more.
A general meeting is held once a month at different venues. Members are updated through emails for up to the date info on current club events.

Last but not least Strictly Vettes is a proud member of the International Council of Corvette Clubs (ICCC) for more info on "This Great 30 Year Organization" click...

Thank-You for your time & interest in Strictly Vettes of Memphis
"The Premier Corvette Club of Memphis"
Maurice Woodard -President/Founder
Vice Presidents...Harry Jr./ Brenda Ryans